Three Wishes

Romantic Ocean Waves

Grant your partner three wishes as their romantic love genie with a magic lamp and personalized scroll. The scroll is rolled up and attached to the lamp with a gold cord.

This romantic idea is about granting your loved one's three wishes, not giving a lamp as a gift. There should be some wish rules that you communicate to your partner after s/he opens the scroll like not wishing for expensive material items. Set the proper expectations since romantic actions are the real gift.

A personalized scroll example may read:

Rub the lamp and your Love Genie will grant you three romantic wishes.

Wishes do not need to be used all at once. They can be written down and placed in the lamp or saved for another day.

Your wish is my command,

Love _______


Write whatever you like as long as the loving message is clear.

Make a treasure hunt for your partner to find the lamp as something valuable or simply place the lamp where your loved one will find it.

How creatively far you take this idea is up to you. Dress up in costume to play the part of a love genie for your new master. Guys can wear a vest without a shirt.

The lamp itself is meant to be an incense holder so use it to create a unique ambiance when granting wishes.

Most craft stores also have inexpensive bottles to be a genie in a bottle instead.

Add some romantic magic to your relationship with three wishes for your beloved.

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You May Need

Gumball Machine Inexpensive Romantic Gifts

Genie Lamp And Personalized Scroll

Metal incense holder with optional personalized scroll. Scroll is rolled up and attached to lamp. Order without the custom tags to avoid the minimum. This is the same genie lamp above.

Genie Costume Lamp

Genie Costume Lamp

Gold-colored lightweight plastic genie lamp with hinged lid. Add your own mini scroll (see below) and squeeze it through the handle.

Gumball Machine Inexpensive Romantic Gifts

Glass Genie Bottle

Egyptian hand-blown pyrex glass with 22k gold leaf trim and measures 5.5 inches tall.

Get the free Adobe® Reader® PDF viewer to open and print this file properly on your computer. The free Foxit MobilePDF app for iOS or Android is required to fill PDF forms if using a tablet or phone.

The template should be printed on standard weight US Letter or A4 Paper sizes.

PDF Car Interior DecorationThree Wishes Mini Scroll Template

download Mini Scroll Template


Three Wishes step 1 print Step 1

Download the template PDF above.

Click and highlight the wording in the PDF form field to personalize text with your own message about granting three wishes.

Three Wishes Mini Scroll Text Romantic Idea Step 1

In Adobe Reader, select File, Print (click the button for current page to print page 2 only) and make sure Page Scaling is set to NONE.

Select quality and paper settings to print on standard weight paper at best quality.

You may also print page 3 on the back.

Three Wishes Mini Scroll cut  Romantic Idea Step 3

Use the scissors to cut a wavy pattern inside the line to make the parchment look more natural.

(Cut without worrying about being straight.)

Three Wishes Mini Scroll tape Step 4

Cut out the silver band using a straight cut.

Place a small piece of double sided tape or glue on the grey rectangle.

Three Wishes Mini Scroll band Step 5

Loop the silver band over your finger to attach like a ring as shown.

Floor Puzzle Upload Romantic Idea Step 6

Use the pen to roll the paper from the bottom.

Roll the paper tightly around the pen all the way to the top.

Three Wishes Mini Scroll roll

Step 7

Slide the silver band onto the center of the mini scroll or tie with a ribbon to secure.

Remove the scroll from the pen.

Three Wishes Mini Scroll final  Romantic Idea

Step 8


Insert the mini scroll into the handle of the genie costume lamp above with your beloved's name showing.

As an alternative, attach to the lamp with ribbon.


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