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Start Your Day Romantic Ideas Record Voice Online

Record a "Start Your Day" loving voice message on a CD and leave it in your loved one's vehicle to hear automatically when they turn on the ignition. Your voice and loving words create a personal gift.

Make the next Valentine's Day, birthday, anniversary, or any other occasion special by sharing your heart in a unique way.

Since you are recording your own voice, you can record over and over until the message is just right. Your sweetheart can always replay it as a reminder of your love.

Your "Start Your Day" message can be short and simple like a romantic card or long and detailed like a love letter. Tell your beloved: reasons why you love them, what makes them special to you, how you feel when you think of them, etc.

Some free voice recorder apps on your smart phone or tablet also make recording your message easier. Once completed, simply email the recording and burn onto a CD using iTunes (for Win and Mac) or Windows Media Player on your computer. The format needs to be in WAV to be read on a standard cd player. If the vehicle's CD player also plays MP3, leave it in that format. See the instructions below to begin.

Most vehicles keep the radio or CD player on when the ignition is turned off. If not, leave a written message to play it on the steering wheel.

Test the CD in the vehicle to make sure it works properly. Adjust the volume so your voice is not blaring at your beloved. Reset to the first track, wait for the CD to start to play, and then turn off the ignition.

Surprise your partner with your voice when starting the vehicle.

Start Your Day - Instructions

Start Your Day Romantic Idea Record Your Voice OnlineStep 1

Use Vocaroo to record your loving message online through the browser.

Press Click to Record.

Start Your Day 2 permission Step 1

Select Allow to give Vocaroo permission to use your microphone through flash player.

Start Your Day 3 stop Step 3

Press Click to Stop when finished with your recording.

Start Your Day 4 record again Step 4

Press Listen to hear what your recording sounds like. Press Record Again if necessary.

Once your recording is complete, press the blue Click here to save link.

Start Your Day 5 save Step 5

Choose the format on the bottom of the green box. Download as MP3 or WAV depending on the type of CD player in your beloved's vehicle. (WAV format will work in most players.)

Save recording to the Desktop for step 6.

Start Your Day 6 new playlist Step 6

Open iTunes, select File>New Playlist and name the playlist Start Your Day in the left column.

Select File>Add to Library to add your recording saved to the Desktop into the music library.

Start Your Day 7 library Step 7

In the top left column under LIBRARY, select Music.

Start Your Day 8 drag to playlist Step 8

Select your recording from the Library. Click and drag it to your playlist from step 6.

(A CD can only be burned using a playlist.)

Start Your Day 9 burn Step 9

Right-click on your playlist and select
Burn Playlist to Disc

Start Your Day 10 format Step 10

Select the disc format, either Audio CD if WAV or MP3 CD if MP3.

Select the Burn button.

Start Your Day Romantic Idea test cd Step 11

Turn on the ignition in your loved one's vehicle and test the CD to make sure it works.

Adjust the volume as needed.

Reset to Track 1 and turn off the ignition.


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