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Keep your relationship growing closer by making lasting memories with romantic ideas that creatively express your love through actions.

Show your loved one how much you cherish her/him with some quality time together and share a special moment with a unique surprise. Find new and interesting ways to open up communication between the two of you while learning more about one another.

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The best romantic ideas are creative, simple, and fun.

Write Love Letters Romantic Idea

Write Love Letters

One of the most romantic gestures given is to write love letters that express in words what is in your heart. A love letter is a lasting imprint of you. Use this simple method to help you write one.



Keep your sweetheart blindfolded and create anticipation before presenting a personal surprise or while playing some romantic games. Heighten the remaining senses for a memorable night.

Romantic Ideas - Car Interior Decoration

Car Interior Decoration

Surprise your loved one with romantic car interior decoration hanging from the headliner and rear view window. Make something so ordinary as getting into a vehicle a special moment of sharing your love in an unexpected way.

Emergency Rescue Romantic Ideas

Emergency Rescue

Call for a relationship 911 emergency rescue when you really need time alone for just the two of you. Rescue your loved one from the daily routine with this romantic idea.

Romantic Ideas Power Outage

Power Outage

If your relationship has been flickering from being too busy, then set up a romantic power outage by candlelight. Turn off the lights and everything else that runs on electricity for one night.

Romantic Ideas - Fall Leaves

Three Wishes

Grant your partner three wishes as their romantic love genie with a magic lamp and personalized scroll. Add some romantic magic to your relationship.

Emergency Rescue Romantic Ideas

Floor Puzzle

Enlarge any photo or text and print onto multiple sheets of paper to rearrange as a giant floor puzzle for your loved one to solve. Simply print and jumble.

Romantic Ideas Bucket List

Bucket List

Realize your dreams together through a bucket list of all the things you want to accomplish by examining your life goals and writing them down on paper. Make a personalized list for each of you and as a couple.

Romantic Ideas Learn To Dance

Learn To Dance

Learn to dance together as an energetic and active way to stay close to your partner. Dancing is all about connecting with your partner to move gracefully.

Romantic Ideas - Gumball Machine

Gumball Machine Prizes

Your partner receives personal romantic prizes from a love gumball machine based on the color. A personalized gumball color chart determines the prize s/he wins from you.

Romantic Ocean Waves

Dedications Of Love

Make your own web page on this site with dedications of love for your sweetheart by filling out a simple form. Write an entire page of meaningful loving words, the difference they've made in your life, and why you love them.

Start Your Day Recorded Love Message Online

Start Your Day

Record a loving voice message on a CD and leave it in your loved one's vehicle to hear automatically when they turn on the ignition. Your voice and loving words create a personal reminder of your love.

Romantic Ideas - Fall Leaves

Fall Leaves

Take your loved one outdoors as the fall leaves change color to vibrant shades of orange, yellow, and red for the season. Enjoy a long drive, hike, or walk to be immersed within the changing colors of the season.

Romantic Ocean Waves

Romantic Ocean Waves

You don't need to live near the water to enjoy the ambiance of romantic ocean waves. The calming sounds of soft ocean waves and a dimly lit candle can set the scene for a relaxing night of romance.

Romantic Ocean Waves

Zoo Walk

There's just something special about walking hand-in-hand together among exotic animals and surrounded by the beauty of nature. Most zoos also have some unique trees, plants, or waterfalls that make great backgrounds for couples' photos.

Red Carpet Welcome

Red Carpet Welcome

What better way to welcome your loved one home than rolling out the red carpet for them? You can turn a regular routine event into a special announcement of their arrival and your love with just...

Saturday Morning Cartoons Online

Saturday Morning Cartoons

Recreate the childhood fun of watching Saturday morning cartoons with your loved one's favorite old cartoon and kid's cereal. Many old cartoon episodes can be found online.

Romantic Ideas Pick Fruit

Pick Fruit

Spend a fun day in the fresh air at a local orchard and pick fruit with your sweetheart. Where you live determines what kind of fruit and the best time of the season to pick.

Romantic Ideas Relaxing Massage

Relaxing Massage

A relaxing massage is a great way to pamper your beloved as it melts away the stress and tension of a long day. Connect through touch with a few beginner techniques.

Paint Your Own Pottery

Paint Your Own Pottery

Even if you are "artistically challenged", you can both have a fun date at a paint your own pottery studio. See what you create together.

Romantic Scenes

Nine Romantic Scenes

Use your TV to create perfect romantic moods for an unforgettable night of romance instead of a boring distraction with this DVD. Nine romantic background scenes to choose from and some romantic ideas for each one.

Romantic Ideas Dinner Cruise

Romantic Dinner Cruise

Share a unique dinner on the water with live music and dancing. View the scenery from the top deck and have some photos taken together. Most companies will do something special by request if you are celebrating an anniversary.

Jumbo Cookie Cutters

Jumbo "I Love You" Cookie Cutter

Let chocolate chip cookies tell her how you really feel. You can get cookie dough from the store to make this idea a whole lot easier. Personalize by using icing in the baking section.

Heart Egg Molder

Heart Egg Molder

Surprise your loved one with a unique breakfast that shows your love as soon as she's awake. You can also serve this as breakfast in bed with a loving card on the tray.

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Save Money On Dinner

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