Romantic Crafts

Romantic Crafts

Romantic crafts are inexpensive "just because" gifts that you can give often. Create homemade romantic gifts from the heart that are more meaningful because they are made by your own hands.

Paper crafts and romantic printables can be made quickly and easily with some basic paper craft supplies. Each personalized template lists the time needed to complete and most crafts can be done within your lunch break. Simply fill in the PDF editable form fields with your own text and print.

You can immediately create a memorable 3D gift with little to no cost just by personalizing, printing and assembling. Your sweetheart will love paper crafts you've taken the time to make. It's not about how much you spend but the way your gift creatively expresses your feelings toward your loved one.

Make your relationship special with FREE printable romantic crafts.

Treasure Chest Papercraft

Treasure Chest

Express how much you treasure your beloved with a treasure chest that opens to reveal a personalized loving message on a map. Have a treasure hunt in your home.

Love Letter Scroll

Love Letter Scroll

Your love letter printed on a parchment paper scroll with the text flipped to be read in a mirror. Or print the letter normally and add a custom text wax seal.

Flat Out Love

Flat Out Love

Show how much you flat out love your sweetheart with a personalized loving message hidden in a paper heart. The heart is cut into raised rings that scramble the words until flattened.

Fortune Love Note

Fortune Love Note

A love note craft that looks just like a real fortune cookie but made fully out of printed paper. Complete with a custom fortune inside.

Take Out Box

Take Out Box

Build anticipation. Provide a hint for an upcoming date on a paper fortune within a personalized take out box.

Measure Of Love

Measure Of Love

Is there any measure of love? Personalize a tape measure of love paper craft with your loved one's name and a hidden message on the yellow sliding tape.

Personalized Love Coupons Envelope Papercraft

Love Coupons Envelope

The envelope holds all your printed love coupons together and provides a perfect way of presenting them to your lover as a gift. Personalize the envelope with one name or nickname and a 2nd optional line of text.

Bucketful Paper Craft Bucket


Fill a bucketful of your sweetheart's favorite sweets, snacks, or other small surprise. The bucket handle folds down to make it easier to fill and includes an optional tag or label to personalize.

Love Compass Paper Craft

Love Compass

Use this love compass papercraft to reveal your personalized words of affection on the inside cover. The needle points to a specific direction or words of your choice.

Personalized Playing Card Printable Paper Craft

Personalized Playing Card

Create your own personalized playing card with a heart shaped photo on the front and a note on the back. Write "It was in the cards for us to be together" or your own phrase.

In The Cards Box

In The Cards

Personalize the name and the front and back message on a playing card box. Replace one of the cards in a full deck with the photo playing card above and have your loved one search for your hidden message.

Mini Mailbox Paper Craft

Mini Mailbox

Deliver an expression of your love in a personalized mini mailbox with a swiveling red flag to show your beloved that there's something special inside. Measures 6 inches deep to creatively replace a boring box or envelope.

With Every Kiss Box

With Every Kiss

Spell out a loving message while giving chocolate to your loved one. Under each HERSHEY®'S KISSES® chocolates is a number and a word. Your scrambled message is revealed when read in numbered order.

Dumbbell Printable Paper Craft


Uplift your beloved with a paper craft dumbbell personalized with a loving message on the handle. A unique way to encourage, apologize, or express thanks and support.

Priceless Price Tag Paper Craft


True love is priceless so express it creatively with a personalized message on a printable price tag. Present the tag wrapped around your loved one's arm or as a unique flower card on a bouquet of flowers.

Cereal Box Prize Printable Label

Cereal Box Prize

Add your own cereal box prize with a personalized label. Surprise your loved one with tickets for go-carting, mini-golf, theme park, movies, a gift card, etc.

Admission Ticket Printable Craft

Admission Ticket

Personalize your own admission ticket with a special place or date idea to surprise your loved one. Use the ticket as a love coupon for a planned romantic night or day of fun together.

Unfolding Love Romantic Craft

Unfolding Love

Make a romantic printable symbolizing the unfolding love between the two of you with a personalized love note. The note slowly unfolds to read: "There is... something special... unfolding between us."

Sweetener Box Romantic Craft

Sweetener Box

Use this sweetener box as a simple "just because" note to describe how your love is sweet. Perfect for your significant other if s/he is a coffee or tea drinker. Six packets fit inside.

Random Chooser Paper Craft

Random Chooser

Instead of wondering what to do together, roll the random chooser die to decide from one of six personalized choices. The stand also includes a title and up to 3 lines of personalized text.

You're A Masterpiece Romantic Craft

You're A Masterpiece

Say "You're A Masterpiece" by turning a photo of your loved one into a pencil sketch presented on a papercraft easel. No art skills or pencils needed for this love craft. Personalized text.

White Flag Romantic Craft

White Flag

Raise the white flag to signal an unconditional surrender of your heart or apology to your beloved. Use it when a fight has spiraled out of control, or just a loving way to ask for forgiveness after hurting her/him.

Jukebox CD Printable Holder Case

Jukebox CD Holder

A custom jukebox cd holder creatively presents your mixed cd full of songs representing special moments in your relationship. The cd slides in on the back. Stands or folds flat.

Folding Stand iPhone/iPod/Mobile Phone Holder

Folding Stand

Make a folding stand for an iPod®, iPhone® or other media player and present your beloved with a customized playlist or video. Includes a jukebox or video background to draw your loved one's attention. Folds flat to the size of a business card.

Fan The Flames Romantic Craft

Fan The Flames

A romantic printable fan opens to express your desire to fan the flames of passion. Personalized with your loved one's name on the front and your own text across the paper fan craft.

Romantic Matchbook

Romantic Matchbook

Make your own romantic matchbook personalized with her name as the logo and opens to reveal your message. You can personalize the message inside as well as on the back.

Infinity Flower Card Printable

Infinity Flower Card

Instead of using a standard floral card, be creative with a printable infinity flower card personalized with your names. The words Forever, Love Always, Everlasting, and Eternally flow within the infinity shape as a symbol of your love.

Flower Ring

Flower Ring

Make a single rose more romantic with a flower ring that speaks of your never-ending love. The words "you see there is no end to my love for" are looped on the ring.

Display of Affection

Head-Up Display of Affection

Surprise her when she first gets in the vehicle to see your personalized message displayed across the windshield.

Gift Card Holder Cart Romantic Craft

Gift Card Holder Cart

Add a personal touch to a practical gift using this creative gift card holder cart. Personalize any gift card with an optional gift wrap.

Eye Mask Printable

Eye Mask

Make a printable paper eye mask to blindfold your beloved and present her/him with a special surprise or fun romantic games. Personalize the text along the front.

Paper Decorations Love Crafts

Paper Decorations

Dress up your next romantic event using paper decorations made with some printable templates and colored construction paper.

Dreamcatcher Paper Craft


Learn more about your partner with a dreamcatcher as a simple way to share your dreams and goals for the future together. Write on the multiple strips of paper that make up the feathers.

Hanger Wrap Romantic Craft

Hanger Wrap

A hanger wrap invites your sweetheart to a day of shopping for a new outfit or uniquely presents a loving message to hang on a door knob. Personalize four lines of text like "I love just hanging out with you." Add an optional gift card pocket.

Other Sources

Photo Box Gift

Photo Box Gift

Assemble your own photo box for your loved one. Find a favorite picture and use an image editor to add text over the picture with something like-
"You will always be my best gift"

Wine Label

Wine Label

Enter your own text on any number of styles of wine labels. Personalize with a name of your own, your loved ones nickname or any other phrase that fits the two of you. Plan a private picnic to share.


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