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Romantic Mood Movies DVD in front of Fire

Use your TV to create perfect romantic scenes for unforgettable nights of romance instead of a boring distraction with this DVD video. There are 9 romantic background scenes to choose from, each about 5 minutes or loop to make longer with either natural sound or music.

Set an outdoor ambiance for love in the comfort of your own home.

The 9 romantic scenes include:

Romantic Scenes Below

Try any combination of the romantic scenes below or just use as a nice background.

Creative ideas for each scene:

Crackling Fire

Move the furniture, lay out a blanket on the floor in front of your TV, turn off the lights, make some hot chocolate and let the fire warm you both up in more ways than one. Make sure to check the volume as the crackling can get pretty loud and annoying.

Gondola Ride

In advance make or buy Italian food, place candles on the coffee table, turn off the lights, choose this gondola ride scene and loop it, then pause it. Invite your loved one to the prepared meal, tell her you'd like to take her on a ride and press play.

Eiffel Tower

In advance buy some French bread , 2 types of her favorite cheese and paper plates. Cut the bread into small pieces and slice open. Wrap aluminum foil around a paper plate and place the cut bread stacked on top to make it look nicer. Move the furniture and layout a tablecloth or blanket in front of your TV. Lay out the cheese, a butter knife and the bread. Some wine or sparkling apple cider in wine glasses would be the final touch for a night picnic in Paris.

Bay Bridge

Lay out a blanket and just make some quality time to talk to your loved one. Relax with a light snack like grapes or fruit.

Misty Moon

If you have a small snack or folding table, move it in front of the TV, place a folded white tablecloth over it with 2 candles. Make or buy takeout and have a private dinner by moonlight.

New York Nights

In advance buy her favorite dessert (cheesecake) to share on a NY rooftop. This is a great way to close the evening with something creative if you went out on a basic movie, shopping or dinner date.

Satin Sheets

If it's not too difficult, bring the TV in the bedroom and play this. You can mute the music if you prefer your own. Or use an air mattress in front of the TV.

Water Dance

Turn on some soft music and dance slowly with your loved one for a few minutes with this in the background.

Celtic Sunset

A sunset is a perfect way to end the day and relax with each other. If you have beach chairs you can use them, or just some towels laid on the floor. Serve her favorite drink or share an ice-cream with one bowl and two spoons. You can have some whip cream either on the ice-cream or on each other.

See Romantic Planning for some further help in your preparation.

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