Romantic Planning

Romantic Planning

Enjoy quality time with your loved one by using some romantic planning in advance.

Planning involves knowing your budget, choosing an idea that fits, setting the date on the calendar, the invitation, getting all the details ready, arranging the babysitter if needed and finally the romantic surprise.

Don't wait until the last minute resulting in stress instead of fun. Although spontaneity is important, preparation shows more thoughtfulness.

PlanJam site

Plan The Date

Stop wasting time looking for something to do or where to take her for a memorable date. PlanJam™ makes it so easy. Simply input your zip code and find activities in your area starting by general activity and then more specific.


Make A List

Once you've found some creative romantic ideas for the love of your life, make a list of them so you will always be ready for the next one. Very helpful if there is a change in plans due to timing, weather or expense.

calendar site

Use A Calendar

Schedule your dates every month, set up reminders as email or text messages, to do list and shortcuts to stay organized. Communicate the days so there are no conflicts. Use a calendar you are comfortable with to make time for your loved one and stick to it.

babysitter site

Find a Babysitter

Free tools to preview and interview quality babysitters, forms, tips, run background checks and connect with the right one for your needs. Your family members may not always be available or live close.

invitation site

Make An Invitation

Design your own invitation or use the pre-made ones to invite your loved one to a surprise date event to increase their level of anticipation. Or you can make the invite as simple as a card, note, email or text message.


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