Romantic Ocean Waves

Romantic Ocean Waves

You don't need to live near the water to enjoy the ambiance of romantic ocean waves together. The calming sounds of soft ocean waves and a dimly lit candle can set the scene for a relaxing night of romance.

Lay out a thick blanket and soft pillows on the floor. Turn the lights off and keep the candle on a table so you don't knock it over. Keep the mood simple and soothing.

Check your local department store for a candle scent that would be tropical like ocean breeze or flower scents. If you already have a plain candle, cut up some fresh fruit and place nearby to add some aroma.

Transport yourselves to a special place without ever leaving home.

You May Need

Ocean Waves

Ocean Waves

Over 1 hour of pure natural sounds of ocean waves without any annoying distractions like loud bird screeching. Loop to make longer or see below for ocean waves sound clips.

Aquamarine Candle

Ocean Scented Candle

Ocean scented natural wax burns clean and even for hours. Beautiful 7.5oz candle in glass.

LED Candle

Ocean Water Scented LED Candle

Safer battery operated ocean scented candle with flickering LED effect and real melted wax look.

Sound Clip

The sound clip (no video) below has been automatically looped so that the sounds will keep playing in the background for hours at your romantic night at the beach. You can either play through your computer's speakers or connect the computer to your TV speakers (additional cords required).


You can also use the high quality videos below for both sound and video to watch a sunset together. Play the video and pause it to keep loading if you have a slow internet connection so there is no interruption when you are ready. Play fullscreen by clicking the button on the bottom right of the player.


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