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You can give romantic fun gifts that make her/him smile the minute they're opened. Not every gift needs to be serious, mushy, sentimental or boring. Have some romantic fun!

Add a little humor and playfulness into your relationship to keep you both laughing and finding joy in one another.

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Edible Cookie Card

Edible Cookie Card

Write up to a 50 word personalized message onto a belgian white chocolate sugar cookie card including a clear view gift box and your choice of ribbon color. Choose from assorted fonts and sprinkles.

Survival Pack Chocolate

Survival Kit Chocolates

Save your sweetheart from stress with a survival kit that includes 15 delicious pieces of assorted French chocolates. Elegant white box with decorative bag and personalized message card.

Emergency Chocolate Bar

Emergency Chocolate Bar

Just the thing when she's down or had a bad day. The note on the bottom of the wrapper reads: "For immediate relief of: Chocolate Cravings, Lovesickness, Exam Pressure, Mild Anxiety, and Extreme Hunger."

Coupons For My Lover Fun Gifts

Prescription Coffee Mug

Daily prescription coffee to relieve an early morning in a pill bottle style ceramic mug for the serious coffee drinker. Humorous instructions state "Drink one mug by mouth, repeat until awake and alert." Holds 12 ounces.

Send A Pantygram Romantic Fun Gifts

Send A Pantygram

Have his complete attention when reading your personal message attached to red panties in a black envelope. The card inside also instructs him to go to an online link to read your full private message. Save $5 using code: save5now

Coupons For My Lover Fun Gifts

Coupons For My Lover

Customize love coupons online quickly and easily, download, and print. Choose from assorted categories or create your own love coupons. Personalize the title, expiration date, "fine print", and even the background. Save 10% using code: D3B6FARF

Top To Bottom Toilet Paper Romantic Fun Gifts

Top To Bottom Toilet Paper

Sometimes the least expected place to express your affection brings out the most laughs when your beloved finds toilet paper printed with "I Love You From Top To Bottom" and hearts.

Top To Bottom Toilet Paper Romantic Fun Gifts

First Aid Coffee Mug

For the one who desperately needs coffee in the morning to start their day or a quick pick-up when groggy. The back is printed with a hammer and the words "In Case of Emergency - Coffee Break."

Fun Romantic Gifts Personalized Fishing Lure

Personalized Fishing Lure

Real spoon lure is made of heavy gauge steel and personalized with 2 lines of text to say "You are my best catch" and "I'm hooked on you." Presented in a clear plastic box.

Fun Romantic Gifts Takeout Menu Organizer

Takeout Menu Organizer

If your loved one's idea of making you dinner is making a quick phone call for takeout, help him/her organize all the menus from your favorite to-go restaurants. Three ring zippered binder with dividers, labels, and note pad.

Row Boat Salad Bowl

Row Boat Salad Bowl & Wood Serving Utensils

Serve salad in a unique way with an aluminum bowl in the shape of a boat complete with wood patterned planks and rosewood serving utensils for oars. For any salad lover that likes to draw attention to a healthy salad or fruit.

Forked Up Art Rose Fun Gifts

Forked Up Art - Rose

Real stainless steel forks and spoons are used as a unique way to present a single rose to your sweetheart. Make arrangements in advance with your favorite restaurant to place this on the table for your reservation.

Duct Tape Roses Romantic Fun Gifts

Duct Tape Roses

If your man doesn't believe receiving real flowers is very masculine, then send roses made from real red duct tape. Most men seem to love duct tape for it's many uses. Use it to show your love.

Proclamation of Love

The Perfect Dozen

Mix up the standard flower bouquet with 6 mylar balloons and 6 rozes to make the perfect dozen. You can even add chocolates. Same day delivery available.

Meaningful Romantic Fun Gifts - Emergency Clown Nose

Emergency Clown Nose

Put on the red foam emergency clown nose when a quick laugh is needed or to get past a stressful moment. Laughter is still the best medicine.

Learn And Master Ballroom Dance DVD

Learn And Master Ballroom Dance DVD Set

Includes thirteen instructional DVDs, six music CDs to practice, and a lesson book for quick reference. Professional video package with a split screen for step-by-step instructions on footwork and movements for both the lady and gentleman.

Love Lotto

Love Lotto: Scratch-and-Win

Pack of 100 tickets to scratch off and win whatever is revealed underneath from a hot date to a loving kiss and much more.

I Am A Stuffed Animal Custom Buddy Deployment Gift

Custom Stuffed Buddy

With a photo and a detailed description of a creative outfit (superhero costume, favorite sports team uniform, etc.), make a personalized stuffed buddy of your loved one. The size measures 14" tall and 11" wide.

Beer Holster Strap

Beer Holster

A fun gift to wear at a party or barbeque if your loved one really likes beer but usually loses the bottle after placing it down. Hooks to any belt and made of leather with nylon thigh strap.

Meaningful Romantic Fun Gifts - The Original Beard Hat

The Original Beard Hat

Keep him warm on those cold days. Fold down or detach a unique "beard" from the knit beanie. Available in five different color styles.

Meaningful Romantic Fun Gifts - The Original Beard Hat

Mini Hottie Hand Warmer

Reuseable hot pack to keep her hands warm for hours when they are ice cold. Snap the disc inside to activate. Knitted cover with heart.

LED Programmable Message Fan

LED Programmable Message Fan

Program up to 4 messages that display while fan spins. Tell her how hot she is, keeps you spinning or how loving her is a breeze or other romantic messages.

PRO Thumb Wrestling

Pro Thumb Wrestling

Have child-like fun with the official thumb wrestling ring. See who can win the most and loser buys dessert or other prize of the winner's choice.

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