Romantic Deployment Gifts

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Stay close even when separated due to military service with romantic deployment gifts.

Being away from your spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend for 6-12 months can erode even a strong relationship. Consistent contact through letters, emails, gifts and phone calls are vital to keep the love you share growing instead of withering.

Instead of focusing on the loneliness of a military deployment, look for creative ways to be romantic that will make a difference through those challenging months.

Send your heart across the world with romantic deployment gifts.

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Lovebook Military


List all the reasons why you love your soldier using simple drag & drop stick figures, expressions, scenes and personalized text to create pages. A creative way to send your love. APO/FPO shipping available. Save 15% with referral code: MILITARYSOS


Timeless Message In A Bottle

If there's an ocean between you and your love, send your custom message across the sea in a bottle. Or choose a bottle by military service.

Picture Pillowcase

Picture Perfect Personalized Pillowcase

Let your loved one see you before going to sleep every night while you're away with a photo pillowcase. You can also add text above and below photo for a personal message.

prescription for love

Prescription For Love

Lovesick?   Dr. Feelgood from the Cupid Pharmacy prescribes kisses and hugs with the personalized name of your lovesick patient on the labels until you can be together again. Red Hots® candy included.

Photo Dog Tags

Photo Dog Tags

Special photo tags issued for the one you love before leaving for the field. A name on one dog tag and a photo on the other.

Romantic Deployment Gifts Engraved Pocket Watch

Engraved Silver Pocket Watch

Includes 5 lines of engraved text on the cover of the watch. Say "I will love you every minute of every day," "Can't wait until it's time for you to come home," or other time related message.

Military Personalized Heart Pocket Token

Military Personalized Heart Pocket Token

Give a small token of your love with meaningful words to always carry close while you are apart. A pewter coin engraved with any name, three lines of text, and an ending sentiment next to the open heart cut out.

Custom Dog Tags

Missing You Personalized Dog Tag Set

Stainless steel dog tags with five lines of engraved personalized text for your own heartfelt message. Includes two military tags with neck and bag chains.

Deployment Gifts 14k Gold or Sterling Silver Lockets

Pictures On Gold

Your photo is permanently laser engraved on gold or silver for a lasting and durable finish. Choose from heart lockets, dog tags, charms, and more.

Heart Pocket Compass Deployment Gift

Heart Pocket Compass

Real pocket compass in the shape of a heart stamped with the phrase "My heart will guide you home" on the back. The size is slightly bigger than a quarter and includes velveteen pouch.

Engraved Photo Dog Tag

Stainless steel backing pendant with a custom photo on the front and a laser engraved loving message on the back. Includes silver ball chain and black velvet drawstring bag.

Stamped In Love Photo Pillow

Stamped In Love Pillow

Send a soft customizable pillow postcard with a photo stamp in sizes 12x16 and 18x24. Personalize the front with text and photo. Optional text and photo for the back or choose solid color back.

KindNotes Special Delivery Jar of Notes

Special Delivery Jar of Notes

A keepsake jar full of 31 messages (choose from 500 pre-made or make your own) enclosed in mini decorative envelopes to open one each day and read your words daily. Customize the jar, filling, envelopes, and ribbon.

Argument Win Ticket

Argument Win Ticket

Help end an argument using a nickel-plated metal keepsake stamped with "Good For One Argument Win" on the front and "Keep This Ticket" on the back. Includes red pouch and measures 1"x2".

Deployment Gifts Armed Forces Patriotic Rose

Armed Forces Rose

A patriotic rose of red, white, or blue with miltary branch design directly on the rose. Real rose is dipped in lacquer to preserve color with optional gold or silver accents and will never wither.

Sending Love Personalized Wood Postcard Deployment Gift

Sending Love Personalized Wood Postcard

Send your message of love as a special delivery on a durable wood postcard with the words "I Love You" laser engraved, both of your names, and a 1 line message. A simple and unique way to mail something new. Includes display stands.

Experience Gift Certificates

Give an experience that will always be remembered and one more thing to look forward to upon returning home. Choose from a NASCAR ride, balloon ride, helicoptor tour, sailing, kayaking, flying, cruise, and more across the US.

Deployment Greeting Cards Collection

Deployment Greeting Cards

Find a collection of deployment specific greeting cards that show your support and mail often to the one you love.

Military Wife T-Shirt

Military Wife Ingredients T-Shirt

How do you honor the sacrifices of a devoted military wife? This unique T-shirt displays the ingredients that make up her character.

Deployment Gifts Mizpah

Military 2-Piece Mizpah Medals

Give one half to your parting soldier and wear the other half. Choose a military service on the front and an inscription of Genesis 31:48-50 "May the Lord keep watch between us whenever we are apart" on the back.

Deployment True Love Medal

True Love Medal

Honor a spouse or significant other whose courage and support on the home front deserves a true love medal. Genuine metal and ribbon with pin.

3D Laser Romantic Photo Gifts

3D Laser Crystal Gifts

Your photo is forever etched into a crystal and looks three-dimensional when turned using a unique process. Add a caption or personalized text. Save 15% with code: VDAY15POFF

Personalized Photo Frisbee

Personalized Photo Frisbee®

Send a photo in a unique and useful way. Add a laminated photo on the front and a personalized message on the back of a Frisbee disc. Shipping available to APO/FPO addresses. Message example: "Even far away, our love is in the air."

Coupons For My Lover Deployment Gifts

Coupons For My Lover

Customize love coupons online quickly and easily, download, and print. Choose from assorted categories or make your own. Create anticipation for what s/he can redeem when returning home. Save 10% using code: D3B6FARF

SpeakSake Deployment Gift


Hearing the voices of loved ones is priceless when gone for months. Invite family and friends, using a simple email system, to record voice messages collected into a unique audio keepsake. Send them stories, updates, love, and support.

Heartfelt Books Personalized Gifts

Heartfelt Books

You select questions that best fit your relationship and your answers create a memorable gift book. Choose from three leatherette covers with gold foil embossed stamping.

Wish Stones and Hearts

Wish Stones

David took 5 smooth stones with him to face Goliath in combat. Give your dedicated love 5 smooth stones each engraved with a word like: faith, courage, comfort, protection, believe, etc.

Deployment Gifts Photo Playing Cards

Personalized Photo Playing Cards

Add a photo with optional 2 lines of text printed on the back of a standard deck of 52 playing cards. Includes clear plastic storage case. You may also like the In The Cards craft.

Custom Photo Book

Custom Photo Book

Take lots of photos of your children, pets, friends, family, and you during the time away from each other. Send a photo book for your partner to see what's going on in your life at home. Tell a story with photos.

Camouflage JustPaperRoses Deployment Gifts


If your soldier is just not the "flowers" type, send paper roses personalized with your own loving message on each one.

Man Crates Deployment Gifts

Soldiers Snack Pack

Support your sweetheart with a care package of 12 tasty treats s/he loves and a smiley face stress ball. Ships to APO & FPO addresses.

Man Crates Deployment Gifts

Man Crates

An assortment of snacks, gadgets, or gear shipped in a sealed wood crate for your sweetheart to pry apart with the included crow bar. Ships to APO & FPO addresses.

LoveCoups - Personalized Love Coupons

Custom Love Coupons

More precious than any gift is YOU and your time. Give custom love coupons featuring characters, text, and scenes you create. Choose from hundreds of pre-made covers and romantic coupon ideas or make one unique to your relationship.

Dual Time Zone Watch

Dual Time Zone Watch

It can be tough calculating the time difference each day when your sweetheart is across the world. Make it easier with a dual time zone watch so you can arrange the best time to speak or video chat together.

Deployment Gifts Engraved Pocket Watch

"We Are Stronger Than Any Deployment" Journal

Write down your daily thoughts, feelings, emotions or anything else you are going through during the time apart and mail to your soldier a few weeks before coming home.

Heart Token

Heart Pocket Token

Give a small token of your committed heart stating "I am with you always..." on the front and a free engraved message on the back.

Engraved Compass

Engraved Compass

A solid 3" brass compass with free engraving on the cover. You can say "To help you find your way home to me safely" or any other personal message of inspiration up to 100 characters.

Romantic Deployment Gifts SweetHeart Pouch

SweetHeart Pouch

Spray the heart with perfume or cologne and hold the scent, note, and photo of someone you love in your pocket or purse. Release the scent with a twist of the cap. Eight colors, including Desert Camo.

Romantic Deployment Gifts Military Coin

Personalized Military Coin

Send off your love with 3 lines of an engraved loving message on the back. Packaged with a leatherette keepsake box.

Romantic Deployment Gifts Free Banner

FREE Custom Banner

A free 3'x 6' personalized Welcome Home banner for your dearly missed troop. This is a limited time offer.

Military Deployment Christmas Stocking

Christmas Stocking

If your sweetheart is going to be away this Christmas, send a stocking full of small gifts or snacks. Made from genuine BDU material.

Romantic Deployment Gifts Custom Caricature

Custom Caricature From A Photo

Upload a photo with a description of a scene and artists will make a one-of-a-kind gift. Optional sizes and frames available.

Deployment Gifts Recorder Frame

Voice-Over Recorder

Record a quick message and place on the back of a small picture frame to comfort her/him during the extended times you're unable to talk. Hearing your voice makes all the difference.

Cuddletunes Recordable Bear MP3 Player Deployment Gift

Cuddletunes Recordable Bear and Player

Record personalized loving messages, bedtime stories, and children's books in your own voice into this cuddly teddy bear. Give as a pre-deployment gift to "be there" even when they're away. Record hours of your voice instead of just 10 seconds.

Deployment Gifts Camo Pillow

Hugs From Home Throw Pillow

A loving message on a camo background of a hug from home to hold tight. Large 18"x18" throw pillow.

Deployment Gifts Photo Keepsake Box icon

Photo Keepsake Box icon

Send something special in your next care package hidden inside a keepsake box with a glossy photo ceramic tile cover. Made of dark stained wood and measures 5.5" square.

iTunes Gift Card

iTunes Gift Card

Send a $25.00 gift card by email to download songs, movies, games, and apps for the long flights and time away.

Grill Sergeant Apron Deployment Gift

Grill Sergeant Apron

When the mission is a perfect BBQ, a good soldier is always prepared. Camo apron is equipped with 3 XL tool pockets, 4 sauce pockets, 2 spice pockets, bottle opener and a 6 pack artillery belt for cans.

Beer Holster Strap

Leather Beer or Soda Holster

A fun gift to wear at a party or barbeque if your loved one really likes beer or soda but usually loses the bottle after placing it down. Hooks to any belt and made of genuine leather. Trade the gun for a cold drink.

Hugs and Kisses to Go Deployment Gift

Hugs & Kisses To Go

Pewter X and O charms to send as your long distance hugs and kisses. Each X is stamped with "kiss" and the O with "hug." Includes maroon organza bag with card.

Photo Panel Deployment Gift

Frameless Photo Plaque

Your photo is transferred directly onto a wood panel for durability and a great alternative to a fragile glass frame when shipping. Plaques come in three sizes: 5.25" x 5.25", 5" x 7", and 8" x 10".

Photo Panel Deployment Gifticon

Photo Cookie Tin icon

Bake some homemade cookies and mail fresh and safe in a round cookie tin. Personalize the lid with your photo. (Cookies not included)

I Am A Stuffed Animal Custom Buddy Deployment Gift

Custom Stuffed Buddy

Send a photo, give a detailed description of the outfit, and an IAASA designer will personalize a stuffed buddy of your loved one. The size measures 14" tall and 11" wide.

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