Random Chooser

Random Chooser Paper Craft Die

Instead of wondering what to do together, roll the random chooser die to decide from one of six personalized choices.

Personalize the choices on each of the six sides by entering custom text in the PDF form fields. The text will automatically resize to fit.

Random Chooser die and stand

Some ideas for choices are:

  • Restaurants
  • Type of food
  • Movies
  • TV shows
  • Date ideas
  • Things to do
  • Locations
  • Parts of the body to touch
  • Page numbers from a passionate book.
  • The optional stand may also be personalized with 3 lines of text to let your loved one know to roll the die and why. The stand gives a nicer presentation than just giving a blue cube with words on it.

    Your random chooser may help you try something new together or just make some simple decisions easier.

    Get the free Adobe® Reader® PDF viewer to open and print this file properly on your computer. The free Foxit MobilePDF app for iOS or Android is required to fill PDF forms if using a tablet or phone.

    The template should be printed on heavy card stock US Letter or A4 Paper sizes.

    PDFRandom Chooser Template

    Random Chooser download


    Random Chooser text Step 1

    Download the personalized template PDF above.

    Click and highlight the wording in the PDF form fields to personalize.

    Repeat for the stand on page 3 to add your own message.

    Random Chooser print Step 1

    Click the print button or File, Print and select Pages (enter 2-3 only) before printing.

    Set paper quality/type to best on card stock paper before printing and load printer tray or manual feed with card stock paper.

    Random Chooser score Step 3

    Use a paper clip to score the fold lines. The fold line guides are the dashed lines.

    Line up the guides with the ruler and the width of the clip. Push down and slide paper clip along the ruler.

    Repeat for each fold line.

    Random Chooser cut out Step 4

    There is a unique fold along the triangle of the stand as shown.

    Don't miss scoring this fold.

    Random Chooser curved cut Step 5

    Once all fold lines are scored, use the craft knife or scissors to cut out each piece.

    When cutting, keep the cut path on the line so that you do not see white around the edges.

    Random Chooser tape Step 6

    Fold along the score lines on each side and along each tab like a box.

    Random Chooser combine Step 7

    Place a piece of double sided tape on the tab as shown.

    Random Chooser tabs Step 8

    Line up the sides flush along the tab.

    Press to attach.

    Repeat for each side of the box leaving the top piece without any tabs as shown in step 9.

    Random Chooser top Step 9

    The last piece to attach is the top of the box. Make sure each of the tabs has a piece of double sided tape or glue.

    Place double sided tape on the white side of the top along each side as shown. Carefully line up each of the 3 sides until flush, then press.

    Random Chooser bottom Step 10

    Turn upside down and use your fingers to press down slightly on the bottom as shown. (too much pressure will crush the box)

    The top of the box should be fully attached and complete.

    Random Chooser stand fold Step 11

    Fold the stand along the score lines as shown.

    Place a piece of double sided tape on the longest tab to connect the front and back.

    Random Chooser stand back Step 12

    Line up until flush, then press to attach.

    Place double sided tape on each of the tabs under the triangle.

    Random Chooser stand complete Step 13

    Press triangle down to attach.

    Use your fingers on the inside of the stand to press the triangle firmly onto the tabs.

    Random Chooser finish Step 14

    Place the random chooser die onto the stand for your loved one to roll.


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