Power Outage

Power Outage - Romantic Idea

If your relationship has been flickering from being too busy, then set up a romantic power outage by candlelight. Planning a power outage is much different than being surprised by one without a choice.

All the stuff that runs on electricity can be so distracting. Turn it all off for one night. The lights, the TV, the internet - everything that you consider normal activity. Life seems to come to a halt without power, but your romance can thrive without it.

Turn off the electrical breaker to maintain the mood. Just remember to turn it back on so your food doesn't spoil by the morning. (Don't do this during the cold winter or hot summer months of course) It also helps to turn off the cell phone or unplug the home phone for a few hours.

Set up a few candles and have flashlights or lanterns with fresh batteries ready so that you are prepared.

Just sitting in the dark waiting for the power to come back on is both boring and annoying. Have a good idea about what activities you'd like to do.

Isn't it amazing how relaxing and romantic a power outage in the dark can be when you're free of the daily routine?

Simple ideas for a romantic time alone in the dark:

  • Plan an easy dinner that doesn't require a great deal of cooking or just bring home take out if you need to.

  • Have dinner by candlelight. Lay a blanket down and have a picnic on the floor.

  • Play cards or a board game. Use the In The Cards craft to be romantic.

  • Only use your phone or battery operated radio to dance to a few songs by candle light.

  • Play charades or guesstures.

  • Put together a photo puzzle.

  • A great excuse to eat ice-cream together because, you know, it may melt with the power outage and all. Have your loved one's favorite in the freezer and some fun toppings. Whipped cream or chocolate syrup comes in handy.

  • Make shadow puppets with your hands. Here's some examples.

  • Place some wine or sparkling apple cider in a bowl of ice to keep chilled with some wine glasses.

  • Feed each other fruit.

  • Sit and talk. Questions for Couples or Table Topics- Couples Edition can help you have some great conversations.

  • Share your dreams and goals with one another.

  • Where is your ultimate vacation destination and why?

  • Each of you draw a picture with paper and pencil. Compare your masterpieces.

  • Write each other a love letter and share it.

  • Read a relationship improvement book out loud together by candlelight.

  • Present her/him with a craft made by your own hands.

  • Bring a few flashlights into the bathroom and take a shower together.

  • Lay on blankets in the living room surrounded by a few candles. Battery operated candles are safer.

  • Give a relaxing massage.

  • Snuggle to stay warm and see how the night finishes.


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