Pick Fruit

Pick Fruit

Spend a fun day in the fresh air at a local orchard and pick fruit with your sweetheart. Where you live determines what kind of fruit and the best time of the season to pick.

We had the most fun apple picking. Sample the diffent varieties of apples to see which is your favorite. Some are sweeter than others. Our favorite was Fuji and Honeycrisp apples. Some of them were huge as you pulled them off the tree with your hands. Many apple orchards will also have some other tasteful goodies made from their fresh apples like apple donuts, hot apple cider, pies, etc.

Make a memorable day out of picking fruit together.

Helpful Tips

Find a pick your own farm location near you.

Rent a pole fruit picker to get up high without climbing trees. The best apples on the tree are usually just out of reach.

Ask the farm some questions about how to know which fruit is ripe. They are more than happy to spend the time educating you to pick the very best.

The time of year to pick fruit is very important. When they are ripe, check dates given on local websites.

Take a bunch of apples home and make some apple pie together.

Feed the fruit to each other using whipped cream, caramel, or chocolate to sweeten the moment even more.

Always call ahead to confirm hours and best dates to go when ripe before driving all the way out there. The farm's website may not be up to date.

Bring extra layers of clothes as temperature changes. Go early.

Take your camera and get some great shots within the orchard.

Some items to take with you include: water, hat, sunscreen, camera, insect repellant, disposable wipes for sticky hands, wear old clothes and shoes you don't mind getting dirty- long socks to keep ants off your ankles.

Bring cash since some small farms do not accept debit or credit cards.

Pack a picnic. Some farms do not offer food or beverages. Call ahead to find out.

Pick from marked areas that are ripe.

Pick fruit that you will use or gift some to your neighbors.



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