Make A Paper Scoring Tool

Paper Scoring Tool: Make your own from a pen and paper clip

Combine 2 paper craft tools in 1 with a paper scoring tool easily made from a pen and a paper clip. Scoring is important to make straight folds on any paper craft.

A simple paper clip works well to score paper by leaving a nice straight crease to fold easier. But a paper clip alone requires more effort to push down and can be easily lost.

Combining the paper clip and the pen gives you a much better grip and control when scoring paper. The rounded pen end of the paper scoring tool is useful to curl and shape paper into rounded forms.

Make your own scoring tool by following the instructions below.


Paper Scoring Tool parts Step 1

You will need a standard round ball point pen and a paper clip. I've found Bic® or Papermate® pens to be the easiest to take apart.

Pliers or scissor handles that grip will also be helpful.

Pen Scorer Remove Tip Step 1

While squeezing the tip of the pen with your fingers, scissor handles as shown, or pliers, remove the top of the pen from the base by continually turning the base of the pen until the tip comes off.

Pen Scorer Tip Off Step 3

The result is as shown when the tip is removed from the base of the pen.

Pen Scorer Tip Down Step 4

Push down with your fingers to remove the the plastic surrounding the tip of the pen.

The pen tip and ink can be discarded.

Pen Scorer parts Step 5

The result will be the parts shown.

The pen base, tip piece and a paper clip.

Pen Scorer Bend Clip Right Step 6

Bend the smaller part of the paper clip to the right.

Pen Scorer Bend Full Step 7

Keep bending until it is lined up with the larger part of the paper clip as shown.

Pen Scorer Right Open Step 8

Bend the right part of the paper clip open.

Squeeze the left part of the paper clip together as shown.

Pen Scorer Insert Step 9

Insert the paper clip into the pen tip piece and push all the way through.

Pen Scorer Bend Back Step 10

Use your finger to press down on the left side while bending the right side of the paper clip closed again.

Continue bending the right end into the bottom of the pen tip piece as shown.

Pen Scorer Insert Step 11

Insert the pen tip piece back into the pen base.

Pen Scorer Push Down Step 12

Push down to secure the paper clip into the pen.

Pen Scorer Final Step 13


The pen scorer can be used as both a scoring tool on the paper clip end and a curling tool on the round pen end.


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