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Dress up your next special event using paper decorations made with some printable templates and colored construction paper.

Store bought decorations can be expensive and not always in the style or colors you want. Personalize your romantic decorating by making some yourself like paper heart chain garland, hanging hearts or use the templates below. You don't need to spend a lot to wow your partner but it will take some considerable time to cut out and tape together. This is definitely not something to do at the last minute.

Choose a theme your partner will love (maybe not hearts.) Search for free clip art available online to find just about anything to print. If your loved one has a favorite sports team, use that team's colors.

Some basic supplies for paper decorations include:

Paper decorations aren't just for inside the house. Surprise your beloved when getting into a vehicle by using the car interior decoration romantic idea. Hang some in the garage where it's least expected as a loving gesture when the garage door is opened.

Get the free Adobe® Reader® PDF viewer to open and print this file properly on your computer. The free Foxit MobilePDF app for iOS or Android is required to fill PDF forms if using a tablet or phone.

The template should be printed on heavy card stock US Letter or A4 Paper sizes.

PDF Car Interior DecorationPaper Decorations Template

download Car Interior Decoration


Paper Decorations 1 printStep 1

Print pages 2 - 4 of the above shapes template on regular weight paper.

Paper Decorations 2 trace Step 1

Turn the template over and hold the printed side facing against a window so the lines show through clearly on the back.

Use a pencil as shown along the lines that will create an effect like carbon paper when tracing the lines in step 4.

Paper Decorations 3 fold Step 3

Turn the template printed side up again.

For the garland template on page 2, fold up or cut along the blue fold guides to create a corner edge for lining up the paper in the next step.

Paper Decorations 4 lineStep 4

Place printed side up onto the left corner edge of colored construction paper.

Trace each shape by pressing firmly with the pencil.

Depending on the size of your paper, move the template down and repeat along the left edge.

Paper Decorations accordianStep 5

Remove the template and fold the construction paper along the right side.

Keep folding back and forth like an accordian as shown.

Paper Decorations cut Step 6

Cut out the shape using scissors.

Do not cut along the fold lines on the right and left sides.

Paper Decorations tapeStep 7

Use tape, glue or stapler to connect the garland together.

Add your own creative designs to the heart garland like glitter paint, loving words, etc.

Paper Decorations spiral Step 8

Repeat steps for the other shapes and trace onto colored construction paper.

The small spirals may also be added between the heart garland as an option.

The large spirals may hang on their own or with some of the heart shapes attached.

Paper Decorations hanging heartsStep 9

The heart shapes can be used on their own or use a hole puncher and tie ribbon loosely to hang. (Cut thin, long strips of construction paper to replace the ribbon.)

Start with the small heart at the top and each larger size down.

Paper Decorations done Step 10

Create your own personalized decorations with anything found online using the above steps.

Hang up your paper decorations and wait for a loving response.


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