Paint Your Own Pottery

Paint Your Own Pottery sample dish

Even if you are "artistically challenged", you can both have a fun date at a paint your own pottery studio. Many local studios offer a variety of ceramics to choose from like dishes, cups, vases, banks, serving trays, and more.

The sample above was the result of a surprise date for my wife and we really enjoyed laughing while painting. Sometimes fun is more important than detail. You are not going to be selling the final ceramic piece so it really doesn't matter what it looks like. The quality time you share together is the real gift.

We chose to paint one item together but you can each choose something separately and then compare your work along the way.

Paint your own pottery and see what you create together.

Helpful Tips

Locate a ceramics studio near you. Call or email the studio to find out hours and days open. Also ask about studio fees if any. The fee is in addition to the cost of the ceramic piece. Many will offer a day where they do not charge a fee.

Make sure your sweetheart knows to dress in work clothes s/he doesn't mind getting ruined. You don't want her/him to paint in nice clothes. Bring a change of clothes with you both if you want to get a dessert after.

Write your name on the back or bottom of the piece before you start. You will need to pick up the piece about a week later after the studio glazes and fires it in the kiln.

If you don't know what to design, look at some of the studio's idea books or something funny between the two of you.

Take a few pictures with your cell phone or camera throughout the process to remember the fun you shared.

After you pick up the finished piece, wash it thoroughly. Then surprise your loved one by serving some fruit, cheese, snacks, etc. on it after dinner.


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