Measure Of Love

Love Compass Personalized Papercraft

Is there any measure of love? Personalize this unique paper craft by filling in the form fields on the PDF Template. Place your loved one's name on the front of the tape measure of love and your hidden message on the yellow sliding tape.

Some phrase examples include:

A creative gift idea for your sweetheart who loves tools or knows how much you love tools.

Assemble your personalized tape measure of love 3D paper craft using the detailed photo instructions below.

Get the free Adobe® Reader® PDF viewer to open and print this file properly on your computer. The free Foxit MobilePDF app for iOS or Android is required to fill PDF forms if using a tablet or phone.

The template should be printed on heavy card stock US Letter or A4 Paper sizes.

PDFMeasure Of Love Template



Measure Of Love Text Step 1

Download the personalized template PDF above.

Click and highlight the wording in the PDF form fields to personalize with the name of your sweetheart, salutation, and your name.

Repeat for the yellow tape on page 4 to add your own message. The text will resize to fit.

Measure Of Love Print Step 1

Click the print button or File, Print and select Pages (enter 2-3 only) before printing.

Set paper quality/type to best on card stock paper before printing and load printer tray with card stock paper.

Print page 4 (yellow tape) on regular paper.

Measure Of Love score Step 3

Use the paper clip to score the fold lines. The fold line guides are the brown dashed lines.

Line up the paper clip on the fold line guide, then place the ruler next to it to keep straight. Push down and slide clip along guide lines. Repeat for each fold line.

Compass Cutting Step 4

Once all fold lines are scored, use the craft knife to cut out each piece. When cutting, keep the cut path on the line so that you do not see white around the edges. A ruler can be used for long straight lines like the yellow tape.

You can also use scissors for rounded shapes.

Measure Of Love Cut Step 5

Using the craft knife, cut out the thin black rectangle at the bottom as shown.

Measure Of Love Rounding Step 6

Fold the side tabs by using your finger where the scored lines were made. The tabs should fold easily and straight as shown.

Curve the tabbed piece in your hand to make this shape rounded.

Measure Of Love Fold Step 7

Fold along the the scored lines to shape.

Measure Of Love Form Step 8

The completed shape when folded should look as shown.

Measure Of Love Tip Step 9

Fold the tip along the score lines to shape as shown.

Measure Of Love All Pieces Step 10

The folded parts should look as shown before assembling.

Measure Of Love Curl Step 11

Use your fingers to roll up the yellow tape part to shape.

Measure Of Love Tape Side Step 12

Use double sided tape or glue on the tab that will attach to the front of the tape measure.

Measure Of Love Flush Step 13

Keep flush while pressing the pieces together.

Only attach the front for now. (Do not attach the opposite side yet.)

Measure Of Love Top Step 14

Use double sided tape on the end of curved top tab to attach it to the main tape measure as shown in step 15.

Measure Of Love Top Attached Step 15

Once the top has been attached to the main tape measure, it should look as shown.

Measure Of Love Close Top Step 16

Use very small pieces of double sided tape to just fit onto each small front tab.

Start from the right and slowly press each small front tab to the main tape measure while keeping flush to the rounded shape.

Measure Of Love Insert Step 17

Slide the yellow tape through the small rectangle cutout all the way to the end.

Measure Of Love Glue Step 18

Use glue on each of the small back tabs and keep flush to the rounded shape when connecting to the main tape measure back.

The glue will make it easier to slightly move and re-position to the rounded shape instead of the double sided tape.

Measure Of Love Hold Step 19

Using your fingers, press firmly on all tabs for about 1 minute until the glue is dry.

Measure Of Love Tip Tape Step 20

Use double sided tape on both sides of the tip and attach to the end of the yellow tape as shown.

Measure Of Love Lift Tape Step 21

Lift the yellow tape and slowly slide the yellow tape into the tape measure as shown.

Measure Of Love Jiggle Step 22

If the yellow tape seems stuck and won't go in any further, hold the tip piece as shown and jiggle left to right while sliding in.

This should allow the yellow tape to be fully inserted into the tape measure.

Measure Of Love Final Step 21

Ready to surprise your sweetheart with a tape measure of love.

Presentation Ideas

  • If you or your loved one owns a tool box, place this measure of love on top of it in an area s/he'll notice like in the middle of the hallway.

  • Plan a simple weekend project and hand this to your loved one before starting.

  • Since it looks real and can be easily overlooked, place a single flower or note next to it to draw your loved one's attention.


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