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Learn to dance together as an energetic and active way to stay close to your partner. Couple dances like Ballroom and Salsa are a great start.

Making mistakes while practicing with your partner is all part of the learning curve and it keeps you both smiling and laughing. You'll get the hang of it with a little practice and patience, just like anything else.

If you have two left feet or really don't like to dance, but your partner does, just try it for a half hour or so. This is a chance to do something that your sweetheart loves and that you can do together.

You can learn to dance in the comfort of your own home and on your own time schedule with dance lessons on DVD. The ability to pause and replay the lessons will help you get the steps or timing right and will build your confidence. For those who learn by constant repetition and need to see the moves multiple times, the DVD may be more effective than paying for lessons that you may only get once. YouTube videos and channels are also a great source for free dance lessons. See below.

Make a weekly date on the calendar to learn to dance at home. Consistency will help you both improve and remember the steps. Get up off the couch and do something together. Move the coffee table out of the way, keep some glasses of water nearby and have fun. Turn off the lights and create the dance hall environment in your home with a disco ball spinning light placed nearby.

When you both feel more confident, look for places to practice dancing outside your home. Most local dance studios host an open dance once per month for a small fee in addition to some lessons. After grasping the basic steps, interacting with others can provide encouraging feedback and enhance your learning to move together gracefully..

For those who are single, dancing is also a great way to meet new people. Dance studio group lessons make you switch partners after learning a new step and provide an introduction for you. Socially, it's great for a guy to know how to move on the dance floor and be able to lead a lady.

An additional benefit is that dancing burns some significant calories as you exercise with your loved one and is another way to keep you both healthy for each other.

Learning to dance is all about connecting with your partner to move as one.

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You May Need

Learn And Master Ballroom Dance DVD

Learn And Master Ballroom Dance DVD Set

Includes thirteen instructional DVDs, six music CDs to practice, and a lesson book for quick reference. Professional video package with a split screen for step-by-step instructions on footwork and movements for both the lady and gentleman.

Learn To Dance Salsa DVD

Learn To Dance Salsa DVD, Vol. 1 Beginners

The basic steps and moves are clearly shown and explained in a easy-to-follow way. Salsa is fast paced and fun to learn. Two hours of dance lessons.

Learn To Dance Disco Ball Light

Disco Ball Spinning Light

Make your at-home dancing seem like a night club for just the two of you with spinning colored lights.

Free Salsa Lessons

More FREE salsa dance lessons for beginner, intermediate, and advanced.


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