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Show your love throughout the year with inexpensive romantic gifts under $10. After all, it's not what you spend on the gift that really matters but how it speaks your heart to your loved one.

Since these gifts are inexpensive (some are even less than $5), they can be given more often for those "just because" moments when you want to let her/him know how you feel without saying a word. These are the little things that bind a close relationship and rekindles or builds romance.

Surprise your loved one with inexpensive romantic gifts stashed in a new place every time.

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Love Vouchers

Personalized Vouchers Of Love

Give of yourself through vouchers good for breakfast in bed, get out of chores, massage, etc. Customize message on front.

Photo Mini Books Under 10

Mini Photo Book

Use the photos taken throughout your relationship and make a mini photo book of the best memories you've shared together. The book measures 2" by 3" and fits in a pocket to surprise your partner when you are out on a date.

Romantic Gifts Engraved Treasure Chest

Engraved Treasure Chest

Engrave two lines of text on the bottom of this detailed wood treasure chest. Insert your loved one's photo and engrave "You are my greatest treasure" or any other personalized text.

Engraved Chopsticks

Engraved Chopsticks

Ever try eating with just one chopstick? Engrave your names on the 1st chopstick and "The Perfect Pair", "Perfect Together" or "Meant To Be Together" etc. on the 2nd. Optional wood box for a great inexpensive presentation.

My Umbrella Sentiment Coin

My Umbrella Sentiment Coin

Solid pewter coin stamped with an umbrella on one side and the words "You are my umbrella" on the other. Place inside a pocket or purse for your beloved to find.

My Umbrella Sentiment Coin

Conversation Starters

Great questions to ask to start meaningful conversations as a couple. Perfect for some "talk time" on the couch, a picnic, or at the dinner table. Includes 44 premium double-sided cards.

My Umbrella Sentiment Coin

Crystal Rose Mini

A luminous crystal rose bud on a chrome metal stem with embossed leaves for a loving sentiment that outlasts a fading flower. Measures 3.5 inches and includes satin interior gift box with bow.

Argument Win Ticket

Argument Win Ticket

Help end an argument using a nickel-plated metal keepsake stamped with "Good For One Argument Win" on the front and "Keep This Ticket" on the back. Includes red pouch and measures 1"x2".

Engraved Tagua Nut

Engraved Tagua Nut

The tagua palm tree grows in the tropical rainforest of South America. The nut is engraved with "I love you" and includes a small gift box. Give your own note about your love growing from a small seed to where you are now.

Personalized Bamboo Wood Teaspoon

Personalized Bamboo Teaspoon

Personalize one line of text onto a smooth bamboo wood teaspoon like "You make everything sweet." Place the spoon inside a cup of tea, coffee, bowl of ice cream, or a small candy dish for your loved one to find.

Heart Cookie Cutters

Heart Cookie Cutters

Tell her "We Are Cut Out For One Another" with these heart shaped cookie cutters and your choice of colored ribbon. Attach your own tag to avoid the minimum.

Gold Sparklers With Ribbon

Bamboo Whistle Personalized

Blow the mini bamboo whistle to stop an argument between the two of you. Personalized with 2 lines of text so call it the Fight Stopper, Argument Ender, etc. Agree with each other that when the whistle is heard, cooler heads will prevail.

Gold Sparklers With Ribbon

Gold Sparklers With Ribbon

Communicate that "Sparks Fly Whenever I'm With You" or other spark related romantic message. Then go light them up and make the message come true. Use your own tag to avoid minimum.

Lucky In Love Horseshoe

Lucky in Love Horseshoe

Tell your beloved how lucky you are to be in love with a mini silver horseshoe in a gift box labeled "Lucky in Love." Leave the personalization blank to order just one and avoid the minimum.

Personalized Tiger Clam Shell Box

Personalized Clam Shell Box

Surprise your beloved with a real piece of jewelry, pearl necklace, or other trinket hidden inside a personalized authentic tiger clam shell as the box.

Key to My Heart Inexpensive Romantic Gifts

Key To My Heart

Give this heart shaped key as a symbol of your trust. Presented in a black velvet box with organza ribbon.

Inflatable Heart Cheap Gifts Under 10 dollars

Inflatable Heart

Write a loving message in permanent marker like "You fill my heart" or "My heart is always with you" on a vinyl inflatable heart and leave for your loved one to find.

Engraved Teak Wood

Engraved Teak Wood

All natural teak wood engraved with "Cut Out For One Another" and your names. Wood piece is the size of a coaster.

Hug and Kiss Under 10 dollars

Hug and Kiss

Soap in the shape of an X and O in a black and white box with ribbon. Give to your love if you have a long distance relationship or going away on a business trip.

Vouchers of Love Under 10 dollars

Create Your Own Vouchers Of Love

Personalize 12 love coupons with your own ideas for your lover to redeem. Complete with perforations and white organza bow. Place in a pocket or purse for a surprise.

Anchor Bottle Opener Under 10 dollars

Anchor Bottle Opener

Pewter-finished metal anchor bottle opener with rope detail in a clear gift box. Add your own personal note tag to say "Thank you for being my anchor through the storms of life."

Unique as a Snowflake Under 10 dollars

Unique As A Snowflake

No two snowflakes are exactly the same in nature. Tell your partner how unique s/he is to you by adding your own note. Silver bookmark with blue tassel.

Personalized Round Mirror Inexpensive Romantic Gifts

Personalized Round Mirror

Personalize 2 lines of text on the top and bottom of a 10" round mirror with two hearts in the center. Perfect to present a favorite treat like chocolate covered strawberries or other chocolate.

Place In My Heart Place Holder

Silver Heart Place Holder

Leave this out with your own card stating: "You always have the best place deep within my heart", "Your place will always be right here with me" or anything with a place theme.

Pizza Cutter

"A Slice of Love" Pizza Cutter

The next time you pick up a pizza, place this either in the box or on top of the box and make a simple meal more romantic. The word "love" is stenciled out of the stainless steel cutter

Heart Ice Cream Scooper

Heart-Shaped Ice Cream Scoop

Does your beloved have a favorite ice cream flavor? Place the ice cream in a convenient location for s/he to find it with this on top of the carton. "Scoop of Love" is inscribed on the handle. Don't forget the toppings.

Whisked Away Heart Wisk

"Whisked Away" Heart Whisk

Perfect if you want to take her/him away for the weekend or to a special location far from the everyday stresses of life. Attach your own tag to give a hint of where you're whisking away before the trip.

Slot Machine

Mini Slot Machine

Tell her/him "I hit the Jackpot with you" by adding your own note. Best if you're already married since there are wedding related pictures in the slots that really spin.

Piggy Bank

Ceramic Mini-Piggy Bank

Insert a thin note half sticking out of the slot to "Save Friday for a date with me." (or other save the day for a date idea) Give on the Monday before to build some anticipation of what you have planned.

Come and Get Me Bell

Come And Get Me Bell

Lay out some tasteful lingerie on the bed with a note attached to this bell saying "When you're finished, ring the bell for me to come and get you."

Music Stand

Music Stand Place Card Holder

Place your own note in the holder stating "We make beautiful music together" or other other making music together theme. Leave in an obvious area to be found.

Heart Bookmark

Engraved Heart Bookmark

Hide this in your loved one's favorite book, attached to a section of the paper or magazine most often read for a loving surprise gift. Includes 2 free lines of engraving.

Love Is Blooming

Blooming Love Watering Can/Bean

Symbolizes the growing love between the two of you. Includes a magic bean that grows with the word "Love" inscribed on the plant. Leave out any personalization to avoid the minimum.

World Globe Beach Ball

World Globe Beach Ball

Write with a permanent marker: You mean the world to me, You rock my world, etc. on the top of a vinyl inflatable beach ball. Bring it with you deflated for a picnic lunch and blow it up in front of her/him to see your message. Measures 12 inches in diameter.

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