Floor Puzzle

Paper Floor Puzzle Romantic Idea

Enlarge any photo onto multiple sheets of paper and rearrange as a giant floor puzzle for your loved one to solve. Add text to create a hidden romantic message that will only be seen when completed.

jumbled paper floor puzzle romantic ideas

There are no interlocking pieces to cut out, just papers jumbled on the floor for your loved one to place in the proper order.

Upload a photo background and add text or simply make a text-only floor puzzle on a plain white background to save ink.

The size of the puzzle is determined by the number of sheets of paper chosen. A PDF of the sliced up image is immediately available to download and print.

Some printers also allow you to do the same thing but this method is for anyone.

Detailed photo instructions to create the free giant paper floor puzzle are below.

Some Phrase Ideas

  • "I love how we fit so perfectly together."

  • "Can't wait until we are together again."

  • "Together we have everything."

  • "My heart was in pieces until I met you."

  • "You've taken the jumbled pieces of my life and made a wonderful picture of love."

  • "When you put it all together, you'll always see how much I love you."

Choose A Background

Click on the background of your choice and follow the instructions below.

Puzzle Pieces Background Romantic IdeaBlank Background RomanticIdeaPhoto Upload Romantic Idea


Floor Puzzle text Romantic Idea Step 1

Choose one of the backgrounds above.

The image will take a few seconds to load into the picmonkey online editor to add text. If you don't want to add text to your photo, skip down to Step 6.

Click on the P on the left side to choose text.

Floor Puzzle Add Text Romantic Idea Step 1

Depending on the size of your message, you will need to press the enter button on your keyboard after a few words.

Type your message in the box and click the Add button.

You may adjust the text later if needed.

Floor Puzzle Text Color Romantic Idea Step 3

The text will appear on the image in white. Change the color of the text in the Text box by clicking on any color.

Use the Size slider to adjust the size of the text larger or smaller. Click and Drag text to center.

Press the bold button and center the text.

Floor Puzzle Name Text Romantic Idea Step 4

To add your loved one's name, click anywhere outside of the original text box so that it is no longer highlighted.

Create a second text box by repeating step 2 and 3 and type your loved one's name.

Repeat for adding your name at the bottom.

Floor Puzzle Save Romantic Idea Step 5

Click on the Save at the bottom of the left column.

Name your photo and click the Save Photo button to save to your computer.

Save the photo to your desktop so it is easier to upload in the next step.

Floor Puzzle Upload Romantic Idea Step 6

Click this link, blockposters.com, to upload and enlarge your photo into a floor puzzle.

Choose your image file saved from step 5 and press Continue.

Floor Puzzle Size Romantic Idea Step 7

Choose the width of your puzzle by entering the Number of pages wide (5 is perfect but you can make it bigger). A preview of the sliced image appears to the left.

Click the radio buttons for Portrait and the paper size (A4 or Letter) you will be using.

Press Continue

Floor Puzzle Download Romantic Idea Step 8

A link will appear to the right of congratulations as shown.

Right click on the link and choose save link as to save the sliced PDF to your computer.

You may also click on the link and print the PDF pages using your browser.

Floor Puzzle Jumbled Romantic Idea Step 9

Print the PDF and jumble the pages on the floor.

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