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Make your own eye mask and present your beloved with a special surprise worth concealing until the right moment. A printable paper blindfold builds anticipation by removing your sweetheart's sight to heighten the remaining senses.

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Cloth works best since it's soft and fits around different shaped faces, but paper also works well if you really need a blindfold immediately or last minute.

Personalize the eye mask with one line of text on the front by filling in the PDF form field. A simple message works best: Surprise, No Peeking, Happy Birthday, Just Wait, Trust Me, etc. To print it plain, just delete all text.

For some romantic activities and loving things to do with your paper eye mask, see the Blindfolded romantic idea.

Get the free Adobe® Reader® PDF viewer to open and print this file properly on your computer. The free Foxit MobilePDF app for iOS or Android is required to fill PDF forms if using a tablet or phone.

The template should be printed on heavy card stock US Letter or A4 Paper sizes.

PDF White Flag TemplateEye Mask Template

PDF White Flag Template


Eye Mask 1 enter text Step 1

Download the PDF template above.

Click and highlight the text in the form fields to personalize.

Eye Mask 2 print Step 1

In Adobe Reader, select File, Print (cclick the Pages button to print page 2 only) and make sure Page Scaling is set to NONE.

Select paper settings to print on standard paper and best quality.

Eye Mask 3 cut straps Step 3

Note the Left and Right sides before cutting. Left and Right are based as if you were wearing the mask, not looking at it.

Cut along the outside of the long rectangular strap pieces using a craft knife and ruler or scissors.

Eye Mask 4 cut mask Step 4

Cut along the blue cut line as shown to the tip of the triangle.

Do not cut out the grey triangles on both sides.

Cut along the outside lines of the mask.

Eye Mask 5 angle Step 5

Place a very small piece of double sided tape or glue on the wide area of the grey triangle.

A slight curve in the paper will be created by attaching as shown. Press firmly.

Repeat for the opposite side.

Eye Mask 6 curl Step 6

Using your fingers, or a rounded pen, curl the paper down along the nose cut out as shown.

Eye Mask 7 sides Step 7

Place a strip of double sided tape (or glue) on the grey square of the strap labeled "Left" and attach to the mask lined up with the thin grey line as shown. Press firmly.

Repeat with the strap side labeled "Right" for the other side.

Eye Mask 8 center back Step 8

Place a piece of double sided tape or glue on the grey square labeled "Center" and attach the Left and Right sides together.

Eye Mask 9 size Step 9

To adjust the blindfold on your sweetheart, place over their head and pull the straps on the back together as shown.

(Alternatively, if double sided tape was used, just pull the straps apart slightly at the center piece and reattach to fit.)

Eye Mask 10 fold 45 Step 10

Fold up on a 45 degree angle.

Eye Mask 11 fold over Step 11

Fold top over as shown.

Eye Mask fold over Step 12

Fold again to secure.

Eye Mask 13 finish Step 13

Check to make sure the top of the nose cut out directly touches the bridge of your sweetheart's nose when wearing.


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