Head-Up Display Of Affection

head-up display of affection

Make your own personalized Head-Up Display of Affection on your loved one's vehicle. A head-up display is a reflection that appears on the windshield of a car so the driver does not need to look down while driving to read it.

HUD Affection

Surprise her when she first gets in the vehicle to see your personalized message displayed across the windshield.

White letters on a black background provide the best contrast as the letters will appear on the glass without any background, looking more realistic.

Full step-by-step instructions for your Display of Affection are below.


Display of Affection begin Step 1

Click on this Background Image to load the image into the PicMonkey online editor. (Loading the image takes a few seconds.)

Once loaded with the large black rectangle, select the P in the left column to enter text.

Display of Affection text Step 2

Click in the text box to start to enter your personalized text. Capital letters will be easier to read. Use three or four words per line and press enter after each line. This will space the text properly instead of one long line.

Select the Add button.

Display of Affection Add Text Step 3

Only two lines will show in the text box as you press enter. If you need to go back up to correct text, use the arrow keys on your keyboard while the cursor is cclicked inside the text box.

Display of Affection Bold Text Step 4

The text will appear over the black rectangle. Look to the right to see the Text panel and select the B button to bold the white text. (You can also experiment with colors but white is still the best)

Display of Affection Text Drag Step 5

Cclick on the text box and drag to the top left corner. Hover the cursor over the circle on the bottom right of the text box until it makes a double arrow, then cclick and drag as shown to increase the size of the text. Leave a little space around the edge.

(Or use the Size slider, then center text box)

Display of Affection Text Full Step 6

The completed text sizing should look like this.

Display of Affection Flip Step 7

On the Text panel select the horizontal arrows button to flip the text backwards.

Display of Affection Save Step 8

You can also add a heart shape by selecting Shapes. Scroll down to hearts and then cclick and drag onto your message.

Crop any excess black background depending on the length of your message.

Display of Affection Save Photo Step 9

Select the Save at the bottom left to save the file to your computer for printing.

Name the image then select the Save Photo button. Save to the desktop to find easily.

Display of Affection Final Step 10

Print the image, cut out without any white around the edges, and place on the dashboard of her vehicle.

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