Cereal Box Prize

cereal box prize

Add your own cereal box prize with this personalized label. Surprise your loved one with tickets for go-carting, mini-golf, movies, a gift card, etc.

Find out what her/his favorite cereal was as a child. If you really want it to be a surprise, ask one of her/his parents.

Any small gift would make an excellent cereal box prize. This is a creative way to give a humorous or an inexpensive gift. Laugh with one another over breakfast to really start the day off right.

*RomantiCraft does not have any relationship with General Mills other than Cookie Crisp® being my wife's favorite cereal as a child.

Get the free Adobe® Reader® PDF viewer to open and print this file properly on your computer. The free Foxit MobilePDF app for iOS or Android is required to fill PDF forms if using a tablet or phone.

The template should be printed on heavy card stock US Letter or A4 Paper sizes.

PDFCereal Box Prize Template



Cereal Box Prize Text Step 1

Download the personalized template PDF above.

Click and highlight the wording in the PDF form fields to personalize with your own message.

Cereal Box Prize print Step 1

In Adobe Reader, select File, Print (input page number to print page 2 only) and make sure Page Scaling is set to NONE.

Print using regular white paper.

Cereal Box Prize cut Step 3

Use the craft knife to cut out the label.

When cutting, keep the cut path on the outside line so that you do not see white around the edges. You should not need a ruler to cut short straight lines.

Or you can use scissors as well.

Cereal Box Prize shape Step 4

Once the label is completely cut out, bend slightly as shown to shape. This will help keep the label flat on the cereal box.

Cereal Box Prize tape Step 5

Apply a few pieces of double sided tape to the back of the label.

You can also use glue.

Cereal Box Prize place Step 6

Place the label on the cereal box and press to secure.

Open the box to insert your prize and reseal to present to your sweetheart.

Presentation Ideas

  • Use along with the Saturday Morning Cartoons romantic idea.

  • Set the table for breakfast with bowls, spoons, milk and leave the cereal box in front of her/his seat.

  • Call her/him in the afternoon and ask if anything is needed from the grocery store before going home. Then show what surprise you found while shopping.


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