Romantic Ideas - Blindfolded

Keep your sweetheart blindfolded and create anticipation before presenting a personal surprise or while playing some romantic games.

Without sight, the other remaining senses: touch, sound, taste, and smell will be heightened. Add something that will appeal to one or all of these senses.

When your loved one is blindfolded, s/he needs to trust your leading completely. Remain sensitive to that trust. Use caution when walking and hold hands or arm in arm as your partner won't be able to see anything and could easily stumble.

Wrap a long thin piece of cloth (men's tie, scarf, bandana) around their head, make your own paper eye mask, or purchase one below. An eye mask can be found in most department stores in the same aisle as contact lense solution and eye drops.

Here is an assortment of romantic blindfold games and ideas to try together.

What Food?

The goal is for your partner to guess the type of foods that you slowly feed her/him. Cut a variety of fruits into small pieces or a few foods they really love. Try different brands of chocolate, beverage, or candy to guess the right one.

Touch of Love

Use different items with a unique texture to touch your beloved and see if s/he can guess correctly. For each correct guess, a romantic touch is given in exchange.

The Gathering

Invite some close friends or family together to a restaurant and lead her/him cautiously in all the way to the table before removing their blindfold. Walk in front and place their hands on your shoulders to guide her/him to the table if the space is tight.

Location, Location

If your are driving to a common location your sweetheart loves, make some extra turns and keep a conversation going so you do not give away the destination.


Present something special and memorable like a homemade dinner, breakfast in bed, lingerie, or gift.

Capture The Flag

Use the White Flag craft and write what s/he will receive upon finding it. In an area without anything breakable, your partner has to find the flag before removing the blindfold. If it's taking too long, then help by giving some hints.

Now What?

Type or write some romantic (or intimate) activities on one piece of paper, print and cut cut into strips to tape onto the wall randomly. Spin your beloved in front of the wall and instruct them to touch any part of the wall. She/He receives whatever was closest immediately. Afterward, remove that activity from the wall and repeat.

Surprise Picnic

Prepare a backyard romantic picnic complete with a checkered tablecloth, food, and drinks. Set up a picnic in the local park or some unique scenery with a friend watching it until you get there.

Walk The Line

Place a long piece of masking tape on the floor leading to you - the object is for your partner to walk straight on the tape to you - if they walk off the tape they must start over. You are the reward so dress to impress.

The Chase

In a large open space, call out to your partner while constantly moving around until you finally want to be caught. Remove anything breakable or try this outdoors at a park on a nice day.

Love is Blind

Communicate a loving message to your partner through touch using wood baby blocks with indented letters (since s/he will probably not know braille.) Hand them the letters in the proper order to spell out a simple message. Use a round ball between words. Or use magnetic letters on the fridge and place their hands on it to "read" your message. Examples: i love you, your mine, take me now.

Body Search

Write what you want your partner to do on a piece of masking tape with a marker or pen and place somewhere on your body for your partner to find. The smaller the piece of tape, the more challenging to find.

One Night At Home

Plan a simple romantic themed evening at home. Keep your loved one in a separate room while you set up. Try to complete as much as possible in advance so your beloved does not get bored waiting.

Name That Tune

If your significant other loves listening to music, play a few seconds of some songs to guess the title and artist.

Heaven Scent

Buy a number of small uniquely scented candles. Light only one at a time nearby to guess the name of the scent. Ask which one was their favorite and leave that one lit after you're finished.

Get Dirty

Some people may be very shy to talk dirty to their lover or avoid it altogether, but that all changes when s/he can't even see you. Heat up the mood using only your words whispered in their ear.

Balloon Race

Write some romantic activities on small strips of paper. Blow up standard balloons and place a one strip of paper inside each. Arrange the balloons on the floor in an open area. Your partner must quickly sit on the balloons to pop within a certain time frame to receive what's written.

What surprise will you give your sweetheart while blindfolded?


You May Need

Eye Mask

Eye Mask

Soft and silky nylon eye mask with elastic straps to keep your loved one from peeking.

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