You're A Masterpiece

You're A Masterpiece Paper Craft Easel

Say "You're A Masterpiece" by turning a photo of your loved one into a pencil sketch presented on a paper craft easel. The text can be personalized with your own message right onto the sketch.

The pencil sketch is easily accomplished using features of the photofunia online photo editor all within your web browser. No additional graphic software, art skill or pencils are required. You can also skip the pencil sketch steps and just add the text onto any photo.

A masterpiece paper craft easel can be made simply by following the detailed steps below.

Get the free Adobe® Reader® PDF viewer to open and print this file properly on your computer. The free Foxit MobilePDF app for iOS or Android is required to fill PDF forms if using a tablet or phone.

The template should be printed on heavy card stock US Letter or A4 Paper sizes.

PDFA Masterpiece Template



Masterpiece Print 1 Step 1

Download the template PDF above.

In Adobe Reader, select File, Print (input page number to print page 2 only) and make sure Page Scaling is set to NONE.

Set paper quality/type to best on card stock paper before printing and load printer tray with card stock paper.

Masterpiece Score 2 Step 1

Use the paper clip to score the fold lines. The fold line guides are the blue dashed lines. Line up the paper clip on the fold line guide, then place the ruler next to it to keep straight. Push down and slide clip along guide lines.

For the legs, start at the tip of the triangle. Repeat for each fold line.

Masterpiece Cut 3 Step 3

Once all fold lines are scored, use the craft knife and slowly cut straight along the outside gray lines.

If it's difficult to cut straight then use a ruler. You can also use scissors.

Masterpiece Fold 4 Step 4

Fold on the score line as shown.

Masterpiece Tape 5 Step 5

Place a piece of double sided tape under the fold and press the rear leg of the easel down onto the tape.

Masterpiece Press Fold 6 Step 6

Fold the rear leg out on the score line as shown.

Masterpiece Fold Back Leg 7 Step 7

Fold the rear easel leg in half along the score line.

Masterpiece Pinch Triangle 8 Step 8

Fold and pinch with your fingers up to the triangle as shown.

Repeat for the front easel legs.

Masterpiece Tray 9 Step 9

Fold the easel tray in half along the score line.

Masterpiece Press Tray 10 Step 10

Apply double sided tape to each of the white rectangles. Center and align the tray as shown and press the tray into the tape to attach.

The easel is complete. The pencil sketch is next.

Upload Crop Photo 11 Step 11

Upload a good photo of your loved one using photofunia. A light background will work best.

Crop the photo if needed then Resize to 288 pixels width (first box) which is about the size of an index card. The height should adjust automatically.

Black and White 12 Step 12

Select Create tab, Effects, scroll down to Black and White and click Apply.

Threshold 13 Step 13

Select Sandbox (in the navigation menu below the Create tab), scroll down to Adjustable Threshold.

Move the Black Threshold slider to the left to remove the dark areas of the photo. Also move the White Threshold to the left to further lighten up the photo around the face. The result is as shown.

Sketch 14 Step 14

Select Effects again and scroll down to Pencil Sketch. Adjust the Strength and Radius slider to the right until it looks just right.

If the sketch doesn't look right, select Cancel, Undo (on the far right of navigation) twice until you're back to the black and white. Then redo step 13 if it needs to be lightened further.

Text Enter 15 Step 15

Select Text, enter the text You're A Masterpiece or whatever you want to write. Before selecting Add, choose the font you would like to use. Daniel looks like handwriting.

Select the Add button.

Text Finish 16 Step 16

Use the Text Properties box to adjust the Size of the text to the size of the photo. Position the text by clicking on the text box. Also choose a Font Color by clicking different areas of the colors.

Select the Bold button.

Dropshadow 17 Step 15

Select Frames, scroll down to Drop Shadow to add some depth and make it look like a canvas.

Select the Save tab, name the file and save on your desktop.

Masterpiece Finish 18 Step 16

Print the saved photo sketch on card stock paper and cut out along the drop shadow edges. Place into the easel tray.

A masterpiece ready to give!

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